Verify your VPN in a Hotspot Environment

VPN Hotspot can be a great tool to make sure your information is secure and your connection to the internet is safe. With a VPN on your router or on your device you can be sure that the information you are accessing is safe and secure. Without Virtual Private Network on your side you can find that your service provider or hotspot is monitoring your activity.

Ever wonder why, when you are connected to a public WiFi or hotspot, you are bombarded with information and ads related to the area or establishment you are in? That is solid proof you have opened your device to the connection you are on.

It is no different at home or on the go with any device. Without a VPN, your information is public, and your browsing habits are traceable. Find your way to a VPN at home or when connected to a hotspot to make sure; your connection is secure, your information is kept private, and you are able to find the information you are looking for - encrypted without censorship!

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