Getting around censorship, finding a secure connection, and maximizing the features of a VPN.

Using a VPN service benefits

A VPN service - Virtual Private Network - is a secure hidden connection over the internet between your computer or device to another secure server. The server can be found in many locations. This Server, could be in another state, or country around the world. By using an app that goes on your computer or device you select another server to connect to. Once you are connected, the application runs in the back ground of your device. By doing this your computer signature is relocated to that new server in the country or state that you select. This in effect allows you to open a channel to the location where you are connected. It is a simple process of moving your location to another place without having to physically go there.

So basically, if you are on the east coast, and you want to see more information and check out services and prices on the west coast, if you select a connection to the west coast, suddenly you find local information and services on the other side of the country. If you are traveling out of the country and live in Hawaii for example, but plan to go to Asia, you can simply plug into a server in your destination country. Again, you will find local services, travel information, and pricing for the region you are looking for.

Using a VPN service, for Security is also a great way to protect your privacy. By connecting to another server (with a VPN service) you avoid tracking and hijacking from anyone or anything that is searching out for your information. There are many benefits and use for a VPN service and it is a smart way to connect to the internet, when you are browsing, searching, downloading, playing games and shopping. We encourage you to search around and find the service that benefits you most. Please feel free to check for more information or contact us at VPN Security Group any time.