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VPN or Virtual Private Network, is a secure internet connection between two or more devices.  A device (apple, android, amazon, windows, iphone or other) with out a VPN is a connection that is filtered and lacks security.  Think of your IP (internet protocol) address as your device identity or finger print.  What ever it touches can and is recorded and easily traceable.  Be it a hacker that wants your information, a service provider that will track and guide your purchases, or a government that want to filter your information, without a VPN you are vulnerable.

With a VPN your connection is Dynamic, or dynamic ip.  What this means is your device connection becomes variable (constantly changing) and untraceable.  If you do not have a VPN your device connection is a static or static ip.  In this case with out a VPN your device connection is, the same at-all-times and becomes your electronic signature.  If you are not using a VPN all your history and information can and will be recorded.

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