VPN for travel discounts, locality and security

Lightning-fast speeds. Maximum security. Zero logs.

  • Save on travel expenses
  • Stay safe while getting to your destination
  • Find out what's going on in your new location
  • Get better deals while traveling
  • Keep up with news back home


When it is time to travel, the first thing to do is book those tickets. When you are traveling across the country or around the world, what comes to mind is the cost and how to get the cheapest air fare around. There are a few great known recommendations; use a good search tool (like google flights, kiwi.com, AirFare Watchdog or other discount services), search several sites, dates, times, locations and keep your options open. These are all very good ideas, but there is one item that may not come to mind or even thought about much. Try booking from another location or use another computer.

This sounds like an extra time-consuming process that may not even make much sense. Here we agree with the experts in travel and finding the best deal around. Use recommendations like those found at Thrifty Nomads. Here is where you will find using a VPN will really benefit. A Virtual Private Network, in this case, will keep your location and searches off the radar. What you are searching will not be recorded by your ISP, your browser, or even the discount booking site. If you are not using a VPN, or staying incognito, your repeated searches will be identified online and the flight prices often increase based on your activity.

Changing the location or IP on your computer (which is exactly what a VPN does) will keep your search private, forcing the competitors and the search engines to feed you the best price for the travel destination, dates, and times. Often this can lead to significant savings while booking your flight, hotel, car and other related travel expenses.

Keep in mind once you have found the best deal and booked your travel, a VPN will keep on working for you. Use the VPN on a laptop, phone or pad and keep your device running safe; stopping hackers and trackers. Then once you have reached your new location, log into a server at your new destination (stay up on all the local news) or change location on your VPN and find out what going on back home. So if you are thinking about traveling keep in mind the benefits of a VPN. Get a recommended VPN for travel. For more information and to start saving now, check it out here, then... USE PROMO CODE "WAIT" FOR AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF